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27 décembre 2011 2 27 /12 /décembre /2011 21:38

Un montage sur les saisons 1 à 7 sur du rap à la gloire de Jack, le titre "Got the power" ça c'est sûr !!


Les paroles, si vous voulez chanter avec la vidéo  ;) :  
For most of you a typical work day is 8 hours;  
Not if your name is Jack Bauer, he gets it done in 24 hours.
With no time to think no time to sleep no time to weep no time to eat,
Jack' ll bring the pressure, and he's always packing heat (heat).
He doesnt make mistakes, briefcase wide open hell do whatever it takes.
At all costs, even though a lot of lives are lost.
He's patrio-tic-
Goin above and beyond the law without a flaw hell protect this country for me and you,
Whether or not he decides to involve CTU.  
Now Jack may get tortured he may get hurt.
He flirts- with danger- with a sense of anger, workin every possible angle,
Like a fishing line he may get tangled.
But he never stops try-ing,
Hes always has Chloe OBri-an- in his corner backin him up-
Even when he decides to hold a gas station up.
Not expendable, not protectable, injectable was the heroine into his arm,
When he had to go undercover and for some reason they always believe him that's because he is the bomb
Now, he rules with an i-ron fist,
You dont wanna make his list.
Hes got the power, always on time like a clock tower.
Hes got the power, got the power.
To save the day and walk away all in 24 ho-urs.
Tony Almeida is the next hot shot,
Hes been through a lot, he's scraped and fought,
With the passing of his wife Michelle Dessler- God Bless Her-
With his head heavy and his heart achin he started boozin,
He hit the bottle hard to discard his feelings,  
For his passed wife and his killings.
Now Almeida is his right hand man,
They always got a plan, worked out to a tee its never a cram,
Because they think the same, react the same,
They play the blame game cuz they cant trust anybody.
C-c-c-consequently its been like that from the get-go,
When Nina Myers decided to become the mole.
Even though its frustrating, having nobody thats trusting,
They can always count on Bill Buchanan, he's the captain,
Gettin back the CIP device, he is certain,  
Somewhat the void was filled, eliminating those who must be killed.
When they cant gain any traction,
When a trail goes cold when dealin with the faction,
When all signs lead to nowhere, cant think to long gotta go with your gut reaction.
Trying to extract information they have unique methods of interrogation.
When they bring the thunder, when they bring the raid, youd better have prayed.
Mess with them and you'll need first aid- YEAA 






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